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Protecting The Duty To Serve Christ

We are currently corresponding with the governments of Virginia and Maryland to enable people who are obedient to the Biblical prohibition regarding the number of the beast to obtain driver’s licenses.  Both states are violating the U.S, and their state constitutions, as well as statutes protecting religion.  Maryland is refusing to allow anyone to get a driver’s license unless they obtain a SSN.  Virginia is allowing the unnumbered to get driver’s licenses but is refusing to allow it for those who have been numbered against their will or have repented of their getting a number.   

We are also corresponding with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) of the U.S. Treasury Department that has unlawfully mandated every financial institution to deny banking to those who will not apply for a SSN.

Stand by for updates.

David Alan Carmichael Application For Virginia Driver’s License Without Record Identification With SSN

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  - On March 15, 2017, continuing a 21-year battle, David Alan Carmichael applied to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for a Virginia Driver’s License requesting a religious accommodation the he be allowed a license without the record identifying him with a SSN.  The DMV denied the request saying that David’s unnumbered children were free to get driver’s licenses but he could not.  Arbitrarily believing “David” has been “issued” a SSN, they say in so many words that, ‘anyone’ for whose name the SSA issues a number to the SSA records must make that number an element of their identity in order to have a Virginia Driver’s license.  Therefore, anyone who does not embrace the SSN, notwithstanding the prohibitions of religion, can be jailed for using an automobile.  The DMV actors continue to site a petty ordinance as being supreme law, while wantonly ignoring statutory and constitutional positive law mandating the protection of religion over petty ordinances.

  -  This is a mechanism for a last attempt at a political solution to obviously unlawful conduct of the Virginia government.  Their conduct is literally anti-Christ.

Documents (Redacted)

 -  17Jul2017 Response to DMV Denial - Treatise On Law Protecting Religion (pdf) (doc)

 -  6Apr2017 DMV Denial of Application (Redacted) (pdf)

 -  15Mar2017 Application For License By Religious Accommodation (pdf) (doc)

 -  24Jul2017 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request  (pdf) (doc)

 -  Aug2017  FOIA Response - Implementation of Gender Identity Change Without Statutory Authority-(pdf)

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