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On The Study of Law - sir William Blackstone, Commentaries, Introduction, Section the First

Of Offenses Against the Persons of Individuals - Sir William Blackstone, Commentaries, Book the Fourth, Chapter the Fifteenth

Of Wrongs and Their Remedies Respecting the Rights of Persons - sir William Blackstone, Commentaries, Book the Third, Chapter the First

E-book versions of sir William Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England at linked below.  The works of Blackstone were translated to modern English font, and emphasis has been made to key maxims.  The diminimus proceeds (a few cents per download) go to Virginian Partners, Inc., to cover administrative costs incurred as their volunteers provide support to Christian ministries.  

Listing of Law Book Inventory coming soon - E-books available now

Law Books and Other Things Are Available

Of The Laws of England - sir William Blackstone, Commentaries, Introduction, Section the Third

Faith – The Final Frontier is a true-life faith thriller where the reader can share the experience of David Alan Carmichael's trials, tragedies, and triumphs. One avid reader stated, “It is the most exciting book that I have read in twenty years.” Another said, "Once I read the foreword, I was hooked."

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Faith: The Final Frontier  - David Alan Carmichael

On The Study of Law - Introduction to the importance of knowing what the law is, and what our responsibility is to it, and to one another.

Of the Laws of England - Provide the foundation and structure of law and the possitive law that is subordination to it.

The Absolute Rights of Individuals - sir William Blackstone, Commentaries, Book the First, Chapter the First

Of the Nature of Crimes and Their Punishment

- sir William Blackstone, Commentaries,

 Book the Fourth, Chapter the First

The Absolute Rights of Individuals - Absolute required reading to know the foundation of those rights retained as referred to in the Ninth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Of Wrongs and Their Remedies… - Fundamental principles of the nature of personal or private injuries.  It also touches on the true nature of threats.

Of the Nature of Crimes… - Makes the distinction between private wrongs and public wrongs; and between civil or criminal wrongs.  It also distinguishes the limited discretion of man to punish or not to punish crimes.

Of Offenses Against the Persons… - Declares the scale of abhorrence to various crimes, showing that abortion is indeed a capital crime if it can be proved the child to be alive in the womb and then killed, and that homosexual conduct has always been, and will always be, a crime against nature.